Casa Del Tabaco

A Premium Cigar Experience

Our premium cigar shops in New Jersey аrе an evolution of what used to be your local cigar shop. We created a true experience where novices and connoisseurs can truly enjoy fine cigars in a great atmosphere with music, live performances, and occasionally, exclusive events hosting icons in the industry.

Our flagship shop and destination opened in Newark, NJ, in 2022 with a new location following shortly after in Sparta, NJ.

The founders of Casa Del Tabaco left no stone unturned. They took their time to select appropriate décor for each destination. They made sure to cultivate an atmosphere that attracts a diverse crowd seeking one of life’s luxurious pleasures.

Arturo Fuente Preferred Partner

Remember to enjoy life’s pleasures!

Our Humidor

An Exclusive Selection of Premium Cigars

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And remember to enjoy life’s pleasures!